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Kerbl UK Ltd was set up in January 2020 as a subsidiary of Kerbl GMBH and is enjoying rapid growth with a current Turnover in excess of £6m. The parent company – Kerbl GMBH – employs 550 people and had sales of 320 million euros in 2019 with a range of over 8000 pet, small holder, horse and rider products available to sell in the UK.

Products and services

Equine supplies and Pet supplies.

Target Market

Pet stores, Garden Centres, Independent Hardware shops. Feed stores, Equine,

Horse & Rider stores.

Ideal Agent

Sales experience in one of the designated target markets.

Target Areas

Agents wanted in UK and Ireland.

Agents Package

• Exclusive areas

• 10% commission on new accounts

• Commission on House Accounts

• Online training

• Company generated leads



John Plaster

Mobile:  07970 314701