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Just Cards Direct

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for leading Award winning Card and Gift company, already selling to the Christian retail trade, now expanding into the general market.


Our products include general and Christmas cards, coasters, mugs, fridge magnets, colouring products and notebooks, all designed by our own artists and design team. We also sell ethically traded items, all handmade in South Africa.
We are seeking well connected commercial agents across the UK and Ireland for the general market, including card and gifts shops, garden centres, online shops and catalogues.

• 15% commission on the majority of products
• Samples provided and iPad presenter app
• A great track record of working with sales agents in the Christian market for the last 5 years
• Good support from our office in Retford, Notts

Please contact Anne Stiles on
anne@justcardsdirect.com or Tel: 07769 875467