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Joint Tec

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Joint Tec is a ready to use, brush in pavement jointing compound

Available now in 5 different colours, it was developed with one main objective, to produce a jointing compound that not only saves on time and labour but also to produce a product that looks great and adds value to paved area.

Target Market
North of England, Scotland, Wales and the South West

We are now looking to develop our UK business.
We currently have 2 agents in UK territories which has been highly successful for all parties and our product has been very well received

A knowledge of the industry and existing contacts in the builder’s merchants, DIY outlets and paving yards would be essential.

Product education, marketing materials and professional back up service all provided

About us
Joint Tec is one of the many products our parent company Keltec Building and Paving Products Ltd produce. A family business with decades of knowledge and expertise in specialist sands and aggregates, in 2016 we commenced the production of Joint Tec. As importers and processors of every type of sand and aggregate, we have complete control over the raw materials used in the production of our compounds.

If you are interested in pursuing this exciting opportunity which offers excellent commission on a high value product.