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Japanese Knotweed Agency

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Japanese Knotweed Agency

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Independent surveyors required nationwide

Japanese Knotweed Agency has launched its Japanese Knotweed National Register to formally record all occurrences of Japanese Knotweed across the whole of the UK.

The Agency is registering a nationwide team of Independent Surveyors to seek out, identify and inform the owner of the property of Japanese Knotweed on or within 7 meters of their property, complete and serve to the property or land owner a one-page Notice of Awareness and record the same with photographic evidence into the National Register.

Commissions are paid should the property owner arrange for a treatment solution to the Japanese Knotweed problem through the Agency or seek legal representation from a panel law firm, then commissions will be due to the JKWA Independent Surveyor.

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TEL: 03335 777 888