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Inverness Safe Pierce

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Safest, most gentle and advanced piercing system on the global market.

Distributing globally for over 40 years
We are looking for agents with existing contacts in health, beauty, piercing, tattooist, GP’s, hair salons, gym & health spas.

Fully encapsulated piercing studs, allowing us to claim being ‘the world’s only guaranteed sterile piercing system’

Exclusive safety backs – Promoting faster healing

Class one medical device (registered by the FDA)

• Extensive range of fashionable piercing earrings.
• Nose Piercing kits.
• Starter packs.
• Special rate vouchers for training centres nearby the customers. • Hypoallergenic post piercing earrings.
• Clinical ear and nose piercing.
• Including cartilage piercing

Agency Package
• Account opening incentive’s
• Lucrative ongoing commissions of 15%
• Exclusive territories available
• Comprehensive training
• Bonus scheme

For more information, contact Jason Payton Smith

T: 01386 426 315

E: jason@safepierce.co.uk