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Grow your business with our Ground Breaking Software already in use by big Enterprises – between £10,000 – 15,000 yearly commission per sale for cloud supply chain software

UK & Europe

Stop being reactive, Start being proactive

Agents Package
• Commission between 16% and 20%
• Support in potential exhibitions display
• Guaranteed commission for entire product life cycle at customer
• Full product training and marketing materials
• Lead generation help

Target Market

Corporates / Offices / Factories / Engineering / Manufacturing /
Industrial / Logistics / Internet / Web

Our cloud software suite includes supply chain set of tools
that were built to help SCM teams better track suppliers
open PO’s and manufactured parts by allowing suppliers to
update data in an easy, simple and fast secured web portal.
Our tools include Supplier Portals, Supplier Shipments,
parts tracking and our ground-breaking PPA Algorithm
which allows supply chain teams to assess and measure
suppliers data and activity over time.
This includes historical and current acknowledgments,
manufacturing, and shipping trends and data.
PPA offers a prediction system and indicator based on
artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to
help the supply chain organization better manage their
suppliers and their manufactured parts, allowing them
to make the appropriate decisions and to manage and
guarantee on-time delivery

Established in 1985, Our mission is to leverage our AI technology
and accumulated 35 years of experience for our clients to optimize
their supply chains through identification of on-time delivery issues
prior to them occurring, transparent real-time communications,
elimination of non valued added operations, increasing
accountability, and 360-degree visibility across the whole
supply base.
We are serving aviation, retail, automotive, industrials and
other markets, already working with industry leaders through
a professional group of employees with over 500 years of
proven experience.

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Lior Katz – CEO




Gali Katz – CTO