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IC Solutions 24/7 Ltd

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England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland

Our Product:
Halo Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging Generator for Environmental Whole
Room Disinfection.

IC Solutions 24/7 Limited are a well-established specialist environmental whole room disinfection business that has been providing their products & services to customers in the UK & across the world for the past 10 years.

We are now at an exciting time in our growth and need great salespeople to help us to enter new markets including cleaning businesses, education, FMC & public transport as well as supplying the NHS & healthcare markets globally.

We have identified that there is a massive opportunity to open up this technology to the other markets, having been around for over 15 years, this technology is proven in the harshest sectors of acute healthcare and laboratories.

Our latest equipment is now ready for these new markets, the equipment is simple to use and highly effective. With the current climate of environmental infections like Norovirus, influenza,
Coronavirus, Mers, Ebola etc on our TV screens nightly and in our newspapers every day, this market is expected to boom.

The sales agents will source their own leads, make appointments and follow up leads which will be passed to them through our sales office.

To establish the market, we will discount our main fogging generator by 50%. This is to incentivise the client and help the salesperson to get appointments followed by sales.

Commission structure
The product will sell for £12,000 with the sales agent’s commission being £2000 for every unit sold! We would expect sales of at least 3 units a month, this giving the salesperson an annual commission of £72k

We are now offering sales agents already active in our target markets
• Education
• Facilities
• Management
• Cleaning
• Transport

It’s a great opportunity to get in at the start with the launch of this exciting new product.

You can see more information about IC Solutions 24/7 Limited at:

If you are interested in this great opportunity, please contact Susan
T: 0797 497 1473
E: susan@icsolutions247.com