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Hide Rugs

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Unique Sales Opportunity
We are offering 10% commission.
Samples, brochures and other relevant marketing information will be provided.
Easy to learn product training will be presented.
Exclusive territories and ongoing support.

Target Market
We have a very broad target market including interior designers, country homes, department stores, home stores, film studios, upholsterers, boutique hotels and many other retailers.

About Us
We are a friendly family run and owned business who are looking to expand within the UK. We have a fabulous range of luxury animal hide rugs including sheepskin, cowhide and reindeer and accessories. All items are sourced ethically and all are bi-products of the meat industry. Our range includes beautiful unique natural items as well as fast-moving standardised sheepskin rugs.

In addition, we offer a bespoke service where clients can choose their ideal perfect rugs.