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Habana Home

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HABANA HOME, Spanish leading bespoke rugs designer and producer

Products and Services
Unique, flexible, competitive luxury custom made rugs for Homes, Palaces, Hotels, Offices, Boats…

Target Market
Interior Designers, Interior Design Shops and Offices, High-End Floor Coverings shops, Furniture Shops, Contract Projects and Prescriptors, Hotels.


Target Areas
All UK, Priority to Greater London,
Manchester/Liverpool, Scotland Republic of Ireland


Agents Package
We provide:
• Commission from 10% (base) up to 15% (objectives);
• Up to 1.000€ / month in 2021;
• Provision paid monthly on paid invoices;
• Territory exclusivity;
• Agency agreement;
• Existing customer base (London);
• Sales tools and Product training.


We expect:
• Integrity
• Commitment
• Customer support & follow up
• Important but not eliminatory: experience in at least one of the identified sectors and potential customer base Sales success will be just a consequence


Ideal Agent
Knowledge in one or more of the below areas:
• Interior Designers
• Interior Design Offices / Prescribers
• Floorcoverings shops
• Furniture Shops
• Interior Design Hotel Projects

Francisco Teixeira – Sales Manager
+34 66 33 94 268