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Green Energy Together

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Green Energy Together is a business born out of 10 plus years working within the solar market. With over 40,000 domestic systems installed and over 200MW of ground mounted and commercial solar we are one of the largest providers of solar systems in the UK. Due to our large sales volume, we can offer solar solutions at a price that can’t be beaten – without compromising in quality and service.

Agents with experience in the solar generation industry needed

We are looking to develop our private sales division across the UK, and for this we are looking for agents experienced in the solar industry to survey the location and sell solar PV systems to private owners who have already been pre-screened and have agreed with the amount quoted for their system ahead of the appointment. An attractive commission package is offered for agents with the right fit.

Customised service areas and extraordinarily high conversion rates

We only accommodate appointments with high value leads, acquired through paid for

specialised services, and in the geographic area pre-approved by our agents. In combination with our competitive pricing model, this results in extraordinarily high conversion rates providing a unique business opportunity for our team members.

If you’re interested in pursuing this opportunity please contact Steve Scott

on 020 3995 4422

or email steve.scott@get-uk.com