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German-British Chamber of Industry and Commerce

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Made in Germany

As part of our on-going Market Entry services, the German-British Chamber of Industry and Commerce is currently supporting the following German companies in their search for business partners in the UK:

Known for exquisite chemical engineering technologies

Being a manufacturer of highly sophisticated process technologies used for chemical filtration and separation processes, we also pride ourselves in being the only distributor of Hibar Oyster and dynamic crossflow filters in Europe. Our technologies can be used in the pharmaceutical, mining & metallurgy, pigments, chemical and petro-chemical industries. DP-0622612

Impeccable design: impressing with handmade furniture since 1945

The timeless and beautiful designs have been convincing clients with their selection of armchairs, sofas, sofa beds, benches and stools. Being a reliable partner for furniture, our client continues to convince interior designers, architects and other customers who value the balance of quality, style, comfort and refined workmanship.