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General Medical

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Medical Matters
Area – South West, South Wales, Ireland, Scotland and the South of England
Attractive repeat commission rates + Training + Marketing Support + Lead Generation

General Medical requires agents in the South West, South West, Ireland, Scotland and the South of England for the Dental and Hospital divisions.

Agents may wish to specialise in one sector but there are opportunities to combine both for suitably experienced individuals. Territories are post code based.

Our dental range includes products for practices involved in advanced surgery and implants, the General Medical catalogue is the go-to reference point for leading practices, see it at www.generalmedical.co.uk

Many of the dental products are also used in hospitals along with other specific offerings in Maxillofacial, Cranial, ENT, Neuro, Spinal, and Hand surgery.

Commission varies between 10 and 15% and most products
have a high re-order potential.