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Fusion For Business

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This is a brilliant opportunity for any Agent who would like to capitalise on their current pipeline, whilst supporting businesses to get in the best energy contracts that they can.

About Us
Fusion for Business is a cost consultancy that specialising in both sides of the meter energy solutions including procurement and energy reduction.

Products and Services
Fusion for Business is a trusted business cost consultancy, brokering energy deals between the energy suppliers & business owners. We predominately look at gas, electric & water procurement. We also work alongside larger energy users to minimise their carbon footprint & energy spend through energy reduction. Our directors have a combined experience of 30+ years, we are in our 2nd year of trading and turn over 1 million in our first year

Target Market
We are selling energy contracts to non-domestic customers, businesses of any size, schools, doctors surgerys etc

Target Area
England, Wales & Scotland

Agents Package
The commission is 25% of the deal value – deal value will vary with the length of the contract, annual consumption & how the commission is in the deal.
£500 – £5000 per month is the realistic earnings potential
The commission is paid 1 month after the contract live date.
Training is provided after an agent is onboard, more bespoke training can be provided upon request as can tailored 121 support.
An agent will be required to sign a contract

Charlotte Enright
01207 258166

www. fusionforbusiness.co.uk/agents/