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First Payment Merchant Services

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FPMS partner the LARGEST Merchant Service Provider in the world to provide our customers with premium credit processing solutions.


Did You Know?

  • There were 275 million transactions  on credit cards in February 2020
  • The majority of these are overcharged & experience poor customer service
  • FPMS currently work with 4% of the SME market leaving over 768k potential customers – 85% of these can be switched immediately without penalty

Why work with Us?

  • Commission paid per terminal sold – up to £550
  • Regular fast payments cycle
  • Dedicated sales support for: diary management & product knowledge
  • Comprehensive sales & product training
  • Ongoing training provided out in the field

Why We are Better?

  • Competitive prices for business no matter the size
  • We work with 4 acquiring banks to get the best rates for the customer
  • The latest technology amd payment methods
  • Accounts set-up & terminals installed within days
  • UK based, pro-active support centres
  • Monthly incentives

First Payment – run by Sales People for Sales People

Contact ustoday – m.hartson@firstpayments.co.uk or call  Mark Hartson on: 07502 188040