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The UBER for temporary recruitment

Would you like to help your customers save up to 95% on their recruitment costs?

• Faster recruitment
• Cheaper recruitment
• Better quality of staff

The Fielder platform manages all recruitment, scheduling and payroll for short-term staff, saving your clients time and money so they can be more successful.

Fielder has been created by a blended team of tech, industry and start-up experts, whose vision and skills have ensured that a tested robust solution is ready for growth.

Target Market
Businesses that recruit temporary workers. This includes (but is not limited to):
• Schools (supply teachers)
• Hospitality
• Warehouses
• Charities
• Domiciliary Care Agencies
• Transportation and Storage
• Construction
• Office Admin
• Retail
• Higher Education

Ideal Agent
Any industry, clients that hire short-term/temp staff

Target Areas
All UK

We’re Fielder and we’re making unemployment a thing of the past with our
new employment platform. One-click recruitment, scheduling and hiring for
employers. A pool of convenient short-term jobs for workers.

Agents Package
Our proposition is unique with many USP’s. We pay a generous 15% commission on all revenue generated. Which means the average commission for 1 business signed up is £2000 over a 6 month period.

There are no caps or limitations on what you can earn.

John Plaster
07970 314701