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Knock your client’s socks off with 95% savings on their recruitment costs.

At Fielder we have a snazzy new product that manages all recruitment for your client’s short term staff, saving them precious time and money so they can keep some of their cash while having more time to make the business even more successful.

Even better, Fielder can take care of their scheduling and payroll, too.

Faster Recruitment 

Cheaper Recruitment 

Better quality of staff

Fielder is about to take the UK by storm created by a driven blended team of tech, industry, and start-up experts. Our vision and skills have ensured that a tested robust solution is soon to be ready and we want to be part of its growth.

There are no caps or limitations on what you can earn.

Target Market 

Nobody is excluded We work in all markets and industries that use temporary workers. This includes schools, offices, hospitality, warehouses, construction, and more.

Ideal Agent 

Someone who aligns with our values and wants to see an end to underemployment and unemployment.

Target Areas

All UK

Agents Package

We pay a generous 15% commission on all revenue generated. This means the average recurring commission for 1 business signed up is £2000 over a 6-month period

John Plaster
07970 314701