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EuropeanLife Media

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Because our target audience is anywhere on the globe, you have the possibility to work wherever you like: UK, Europe, USA, Asia etc

About Us

EuropeanLife Media is an award-winning publisher with a dedicated focus on luxury products and lifestyle events in Asia, USA and Europe. The company publishes a luxury magazine and creates custom-made interactive digital magazines for event organizers. Our offices are in Barcelona and Dubai.

About Our Product

Be part of our international sales team and sell articles and ads for EuropeanLife magazine. EuropeanLife is specialized in exclusive distribution channels, online target marketing and works with VIP databases, social media, bloggers, vloggers and media partnerships. Our reach is 2.3 million worldwide.

Our Target Market

Any Luxury product: Cars, Travel, Real Estate, Jewellery, Watches, Investors, Furniture, Fashion Design, Art, Banking, Airlines, Weddings, Boats, Business, Lifestyle, Technology, Financial Services, and Events

What We Offer

Up to 25% commission

• Support through social media, marketing and free publishing

• PressPass for exhibitions

• Remote working possibility global

• Qualified leads if available

• Product support package

• Support from head office

Interested? Please send us an email or phone directly for more information: Bernadet Bijsterbosch, CEO 0034 687 802 752 or contact@europeanlifemagazine.com