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EuroGate International B.V.

  • General Equipment, most complete post hole borer range available on the market.
  • Rhino Tool, most comprehensive post driver range on the market.
  • Both US based manufacturers.
  • Sold by Dutch International Trading House.

Target Market
Rental/Hire companies, Garden & Park tool suppliers, Garden & Park end users, Fencing industry, Event Rental companies, construction companies.

Ideal Agent

  • The ideal agent would be proactive and approach potential clients to gain new business
  • Ideally an experienced agent with a minimum of two years experience with access to high value clients

Target Area
The UK, including Northern Ireland

Agents Package
• 10% commission on all sales including parts and accessories
• Potential for high earning in a lucrative and growing market
• Product training provided
• New products programme to increase potential sales
• Marketing support provided including advertising and exhibitions
• Merchandising including point of sales material
• Samples and demo machines available
• Leads passed to agents and potential sales via existing accounts