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Eterno Aesthetics Solutions

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New Non-Invasive Skin Treatment System for the Beauty and Aesthetic Sectors
Earn 10% – 15% Commission

Product Information
Our SmartMESO device is a totally non-invasive, yet highly effective skin treatment system that utilises unique technology to get fantastic results. It can be used to treat a variety of skin ageing concerns, as well as acne, pigmentation concerns and more. It is easy to train and can be operated by all levels of beauty therapist and practitioner, offering high levels of product to any business.

Midlands and North

Target Market
Beauty salons, spas and aesthetics clinic

About Us
Eterno Aesthetic Solutions work with some of the leading manufacturers and distributors of aesthetic systems in the world and supply high-quality systems to UK Beauty Salons and Aesthetic Clinics. All systems are utilised in our own, highly established West Midlands based Clinic.

Earn £1,375 – £2,750 per month
Commission rate of 12.5% – Commission paid monthly based on completed sales
Full training in order to perform device demos
Success in promoting this device will lead to the opportunity to sell other devices in our range and earn significant commissions, as well as passive income on ancillary product orders.

If you are interested, please contact David Boden
Telephone: 07710 525 960 or Email: david.boden@agentbase.com