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Eptsoft Opportunity

Directory of Education
Lifestyle and Leisure Suppliers!

Looking for a New Market for your Clients Goods and Services?
Have you Considered Selling into the Education Community?


Recent changes in education and the growth of buying online has enabled us to relaunch the Directory adding Lifestyle and Leisure sectors bringing opportunities for Commission Based Sales Agents to grow these sales for 2019.

Eptsoft has been selling into the education sector since 1992 publishing educational learning resources.

In 2008 we introduced the Directory of Education Suppliers which grew to over five hundred businesses selling into schools Accounting Technology Engineering Hobbies & Interests through Agentbase.

This is a huge end user market comprising not only students and teachers but also parents having interests outside of school and income to spend on home, hobbies, interests, fashion and travel.

The new Directory of Education, Lifestyle and Leisure Suppliers 2019 can be explored on our website www.eptsoft.com including how we market the Directory to these educational buyers.