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Drop N Lockerz

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Get paid when people do their dry cleaning or laundry!

We have created a virtual Dry Cleaners/ Laundry. The solution to save people time and money!

Agents covering the following areas:
Initially South West, South East, West and East London
We are looking to expand UK wide.

The Drop N Lockerz solution is to install digital, app-driven lockers at the customer location. It is essentially a dry cleaning and laundry service on their doorstep. It saves time and money. The lockers can be installed in common areas.
We are looking for Agents with contacts anywhere the lockers can be placed, flats, office blocks, gyms, petrol stations, corner shops, hospitals etc.

A great opportunity giving you an initial payment when they are placed and then an ongoing residual income – get paid when people do their dry cleaning or laundry!

£250 to £500 per successful installation.
Up to 10% of residual income

Contact Philip Sykes on
07808 859914