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SEE IT … CAN YOU SEE THE CLIENT? Identify potential clients


SORT IT … CAN YOU SORT SOLUTIONS FOR THEM? Propose solutions and close sales

We train you and support you in all stages of business development. Also, we participate in exhibitions and convey sales leads to you. We are doing Market Research for B2B & B2C corporates from all business sectors. We need you to get market research and consulting projects from UK clients to execute by our team in the UK, Europe, US, Asia and Africa. Your responsibility ends with commissioning a project. 15% of project cost as commission for the first project from a client, and 10% commission on recurring projects from the same client. The commission will be paid on receipt. Our project cost varies from 10000 GBP to any level. You may need 1-2 months to get the first client, then it shoots up. We are starting our activities in the UK, and we are looking for a long term relationship with you.

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Send your details to dowell@dowellresearch.uk with your business sector specialisation and skype ID for a con call.

Do you need more information? call Thomas at 07563258877

DoWell assure reliable information, local knowledge about market, responsiveness and empathy to clients through its highly motivated team of employees and freelancers across the globe

25 years in Market Research & Consulting