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Creative Solutions

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Best Solution to Quality Fabrics, Haberdashery, and Trimming

Sales Agents Required South East Area
Including: Kent, Hants, Berks, Surrey, East & West Sussex, Isle of Wight, Dorset and South London.

We are also the UK office/distribution for a reputable German company who are manufactures of thousands of craft products including candle making, beading, jewellery making, enamelling and papercrafting

Customer base already established

Also Required
Well connected sales agents – All areas for newly acquired range of curtain and furnishing fabrics including plain printed and woven.
Fantastic opportunity for the right sales person.

  • Exclusive Area
  • 10% Commission
  • Prompt Payment
  • Product training
  • Comprehensive sample

About Us
Creative Solutions are suppliers of quality fabrics, haberdashery and trimmings selling to retail customers. We have enjoyed steady growth over the past 5 years and anticipate further growth in the future.