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CR Gems

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Fine coloured gemstone dealers and manufacturers of fine jewellery
(PT950 ; 18K ; 9K)


We are the only gem merchants and manufacturers based in Jewellery quarter Birmingham and Hatton Garden, London with two wholesale showrooms.

We are now looking to expand outside of the Jewellery Quarter and Hatton Garden

Sales Agents wanted throughout the UK and Ireland

We are confident in our product and pricing – an easy to sell for Agents with the right connections.

We are the only gemstone dealers with a fully LIVE online gem catalogue making the retailers job a lot easier

A great opportunity for Sales Agents to easily make contact with the online/traditional shops – also means the Agents do not need to carry lots of stock or samples – two trade showrooms in both London and Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter along with fully LIVE online ordering catalogue means Agents only need to introduce and maintain the promotion of the business and let us do the rest.

Agents Package
10% commission
Best price and massive stock

Target Market
Independents, multiples, online retailers

Contact Jas on: 07869 212448, 0208 037 2229
Email: info@cr-gems.com