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Sell hygienic UVC Lighting, chemical-free disinfection…

About Us
uvcsanitisingsolutions.com is part of Cool-Tech Ltd fighting Covid-19. We provide both mobile and fixed UVC lighting solutions to kill viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens. Independent clinical
SGS testing confirms our lights are proven to kill 99.9% of Norovirus, C.diff, E.Coli Salmonella, MRSA, C.Auris, Covid-19, SARS, Influenza, Ebola and more. UVC lights have been used for years for sanitisation and we now have a powerful mobile solution to be able to sanitise a hotel room, dentist’s surgery or a vehicle in minutes with no harmful misting chemicals. Simple to use online calculator shows how strong and how long is required.

Target Market
The applications for this product are endless, Cleaning Companies, Hotels, Car Rental/Sales/ Servicing, Schools, Public Buildings, Trains, Taxis, Retail Shops, Restaurants and Kitchens.
Also Sports, Football, Cricket and Rugby Clubs for the sanitisation of team dressing rooms, home, away and team coaches. See our website uvcsanitisingsolutions.com to find out more.

Agents Required
UK and European Agents will not be defined by area but by industry sector. Call now to claim your specialist market

Potential Earnings
Straightforward payment structure, if you sell, you earn! Light units vary from £2000 to £12,000 and you will earn a minimum of 10% commission per sale.

Brett Lilley on 07971 008 850 or email uvc-sales@cool-tech.co.uk