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Coleshill Candle Co / Sunnyside Trading

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An exciting new opportunity in a fast growing market

Coleshill Candle Co. is one of the UK’s leading online brands featured on Amazon Prime, Etsy and other retail platforms. We have developed a new brand exclusively for the retail market called Vermilion with over 50 fantastic scents including essential oils, fine fragrance dupes and all of the classics.

Products and Services

We manufacture all of the candles and wax melts ourselves, allowing us to create top quality products at great prices. We use the highest scent to wax ratio so that customers return again and again. There is no minimum order and all orders over £100 are carriage free so it’s easy for customers to test the market and then re-order.

Target Market

We are looking for experienced agents selling to gift shops, garden centres, hairdressers, beauticians, florists and quality tourist attractions.

Target Areas

As this is a “new to retail” brand, we have opportunities in all areas of the UK. Successful agents will be allocated a block of exclusive postcodes to match as closely as possible to existing territories.

Agents Package

Commission starts at 15% on all orders received from any retail outlet within the territory, whether this is directly as a result of agent activity or whether it is received directly through us. There is an enhanced commission of 20% once a specified quarterly sales total has been surpassed.

Commission is paid on 7th of every month on all orders where payment has cleared.

All retail leads will be passed to agents and we are planning to attend a series of trade events. Samples will be provided free of charge.

Ideal Agent

Ideally, agents should have a proven track record selling to the target market sectors with existing customers. However, consideration will be given to applicants new to the sector.


For more details or to express and interest contact Chris Evans on 07501 354808 or email: info@coleshillcandleco.com marking your email Agent Enquiry.