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Co-op Funeral Services

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Pre-paid Funeral Planning

Opportunities in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk & Cambridgeshire

Getting their ducks in a row

Providing employers with practical employee benefits

Who we are looking for
Established and well-connected B2B Sales Agents. You’ll be seasoned networkers and confident to approach HR specialists, key decision makers in regional businesses and independent financial advisors.

Agent package
● High value sales opportunity with multiple orders likely from a single client
● Attractive commission rate
● Area exclusivity, a single Agent operating in each county
● Marketing support and training provided
● Support network of 60+ funeral branches across the region
● Access to, and support from an expert team with extensive industry knowledge

A typical customer
Local businesses seeking attractive employee benefits, aiding staff retention and rewarding long service.

Our story
We’re the largest independent retailer in East Anglia, we’ve been taking care of loved ones and arranging funerals for over 90 years. Our team of experts are developing a new corporate pre-paid funeral plan offer. This will enable local companies to give their employees peace of mind, and help them protect their money against the rising cost of a funeral. With a wealth of options available, an employer can provide their employees and families with a discounted funeral plan, and choose the level of financial contribution.

As a co-op, we’re proud of our fair pricing and ensuring our pre-paid funeral plans cover all essential costs meaning there is nothing more to pay at the time of need.


If you would like to know more about working with this successful and established company, please contact:
07970 314701