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Cloud & Fibre Ltd.

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Monthly Commission for the life of the customer

We are an independent Telecoms Provider with over 50 years of telecoms experience. Part of the Challenger Communications Group with a combined turn over of £8m per annum. We specialise at providing clients with business grade Voice, Connectivity & Mobile Phone services. Talk of Manchester Awards 2017 and 2018 – Best Telecoms Provider

Products & Services
Internet Connectivity – Broadband, Fibre Broadband & Ethernet Leased Lines
Voice Services – Phone Lines, Voice over IP & Telephone
Systems Mobile Phones – Latest tariffs & handsets (iphone & Samsung)

Typical Customers
A typical customer is almost every business as they require telephones to make calls and internet access to receive emails. Our sweet spot is small to medium sized businesses that have between two to 100 staff. We want telecoms referrals of customers that:
• Want to save money;
• Fed up of poor service from their existing supplier;
• Companies that complain of poor broadband speeds.

Target Areas
We need Agents covering all areas of the UK.

The Agency Package
We pay 30% commission of the monthly margin generated for the lifetime of the customer being with us, even outside of their initial contract period. Commission agents are paid 14 days after the money is collected. Potential marketing support in UK territories dependant on the commission agent. Training and Marketing Support offered if required. All we require is a qualified introduction and we do the rest.

The Ideal Agent
Any agent that has business clients but someone with Telecoms knowledge would help but not a necessity.