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Check An Invoice

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About us
• We are the first SaaS application worldwide, focused purely on identifying invoice fraud.
• With a key management team of seasoned professionals who have worked with companies like Standard Chartered, American Express for over 25 years and have come together to create Check An Invoice.

Products and Services
Check an Invoice is a unique Software program that detects and prevents invoice fraud for companies of any size from Micro to Multinational.
We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to scan each invoice and look for tampering with the invoice across multiple points like invoice number, bank details etc.
What’s great is that we are the first company globally who have a solution for this problem, companies can save potentially thousands of pound by preventing invoice fraud.

Target Market
Any company – large, medium or small, that has payments to be made to vendors based on invoices is our potential target company.

Within a company typically people who will take the decision for this service are CEOs and CFO.

Target Area
All of the UK.

Agents Package
• Agents earn a flat 20% commissions on the licence fee paid by the company.
• Realistic Earnings of £60,00o pa.
• We will do lead generation campaigns to support the agents for qualified leads.
• Agents agreement provided.
• Half day training will be provided.

If you are interested please contact: John Plaster
Telephone: 07970 314 701
Email: john.plaster@agentbase.com

*Source: UK Finance 2018