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An agent who already (or is willing to) visit distributors and wholesalers that sell equipment to butcher’s, restaurants, delis, hotels etc.

• Bakers, Butchers
• Cash & Carry, Wholesale & Distributors
• Kitchen Specialists
• Restaurants, Caterers, Hotels, Cafes, Snack Bars
• Supermarkets, Multiples

The company has been an historic brand in the world of professional slicers for the last 120 years and is now is a worldwide renowned company.
They have 160 employees with the company growing 25% a year, year on year over last 3 years alone.

• Competitive Commission & Targeted Bonus
• Guaranteed exclusivity on the agreed area
• Promotional Events lead locally by the agent


This Company offers unique and quality products for professional meat processing equipment such as slicers, mincers, mixers
and vacuum machines etc.
They offer excellence for all professionals in this sector.  Designed to guarantee maximum reliability and precision, the professional slicers employ innovative
solutions and cutting-edge technology.
Designed specifically to achieve the highest level of safety and minimize waste.
The protection of customers is a must for this company’s excellence.

Email roar@agentbase.com to apply