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Carbon Clean

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Up to £1500/sale

Using only high pressure, water based solutions means no damage to vehicles or the environment!

About Us
Suppliers of Engine Carbon Clean machines, DPF Cleaning machines and High-pressure parts cleaning machines. We are also creating a network of Carbon Clean Centres across the UK.
Number of Countries we supply: 19 | Number of continents our machines are in: 5 | Approx Carbon Cleans Performed: 24,04

Target Market
Motortrade, Independent Garages, Main Dealer Garages: Automotive and
Commercial, Fleet companies

Agents Specification
Someone with Motortrade customers and contacts.

Agents Package

  • 15% commission
  • Training and Support from Head Office
  • Territorial exclusivity
  • Reward packages for top sellers
  • Sales presentation will be provided
To learn more, please contact John Plaster on john.plaster@agentbase.com or 07970 314 701