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Caravan Sitefinder

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The Future is looking bright

Caravan Sitefinder is the UK’s largest holiday park directory.

Established in the 1990s, our website is well optimised with over 1000 page 1 rankings on Google. We are a small effective team who well subscriptions to the holiday park sector.

Products and Services
If a holiday park is subscribed to Caravan Sitefinder, they will see an increase in bookings and sales revenues due to our web presence and the backlink from our website to theirs. They will also benefit from super charged visibility online. The staycation market is growing rapidly and there are currently many new prospects looking at caravan & lodge options online.

Target Market
Our target market is simple, it is all holiday parks in the UK*  and Ireland.

Target Areas
• All of North and South England and Ireland are available,

• Specifically looking for agents to cover the North of England, Wales & South West

Agents Package
Commission rate is 10% of every subscription sold in the first year.

There are 3 levels of subscription and over 4000 holiday parks to sell too.

Subscription levels

£240 pa – basic
£420 pa – enhanced
£660 pa – holiday park

Renewal commission+
Year 2 : reduced to 5%
Year 3 : reduced to 2.5%

On-going marketing to support subscription sales

Continual marketing support is provided through social media and monthly B2B marketing campagins. Most of the UK holiday parks are listed on the site so leads are not ‘cold’, it’s more a case of upselling

*Excluding Scotland +Conditions apply

Ideal Agent Skills

Training is provided though the ideal candidate will have contacts in the holiday park industry or experience in the tourism sector,  selling subscriptions or in e-commerce businesses.

Apply to: Oliver Paul
01275 299081
07930 179955