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Did you know that 2.4 billion people a month spend more time communicating via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp? Add to the mixt he fact that YouTube delivers over 9 billion videos per day – and you can see that customer communication is undergoing a major and dramatic change. If your business clients are relying on a website and SEO, then they’ll be left behind. This new world gets more traffic and customer engagement than Google! That’s why our business offering does not offer SEO or Web Design.

We provide businesses of all types around the whole of the UK with:1) YouTube video marketing strategies with attention grabbing content that gets on Page 1 – not for 1phrase, but for between 5 and 50 search phrases.2)Professional Quality Sales/Promotional Videos for use on business web sites, Social Media and more.3)Bespoke Messenger Chatbots that can increase sales from Google or Facebook Ads by as much as 32times (not 32%!). They can answer questions, book appointments and do calculations automatically! Rather than just read this short advert and be left wondering what this means, we have prepared a web page and short video for you – that will explain just how big this change is and how we can work together to make the most of this massive new business opportunity.

No marketing computer skills are needed. We pay between 20% and 80% commission with deal sizes between £1,000 and £50,000 p.a

If you are interested, contact Paul Stewart: 07786396722 paul@brobot.marketing