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The UK & Ireland’s First Beauty & Wellness Platform for the Afro-Caribbean Community!


We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated agents. Experience in the Beauty & Wellness
Industry and Exposure to the Afro-Caribbean Community are desired but not essential.
Most important is a good track record of helping new businesses launch their products in UK & Ireland.

Our Sales Agents will be expected to sign up Afro-Caribbean vendors operating in the above market segments onto our platform on a monthly subscription basis.

Target Vendors include: Acupuncture Practitioners, Hairdressers, Barbers, Nails and Beauty Parlours. Massage & Spa Parlours, Physical Fitness Centres, Gyms, Dance Classes, e.t.c
Physiotherapists, Psychotherapists, Nutritionists & other specialized therapy services

Our Sales Agents will be paid on a Commission Basis, which will be 25% of the monthly subscription paid by the vendors they sign up -for the first 3 years.
We have two subscription plans for our vendors – a Premium Plan at £29.99/month and a Basic Plan at £24.99/month. Hence, if an Agent signs up 100 vendors onto our premium plan, they’ll earn the following amount over three years (paid monthly)(£29.99*0.25)*100*36 = £26991
For Sales Agents with excellent performance and track records, we will be willing to offer territorial exclusivity for their coverage areas. We will also provide Training to prospective Sales Agents on all our services on offer as well as providing them with leaflets and flyers as applicable.


We are Bookadabra -the first web portal dedicated to providing a Booking, Scheduling &  Payment Solution for Beauty & Wellness Services for Afro Caribbean People in the UK & Ireland. We’re launching In Q3 2019 with a wide and extensive array of services on offer.