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Birch Capital

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Our property deals will benefit from a real discount between 20 to 50% off the market value ensuring that you have a great equity from the start


Product Overview
We understand all sellers’ needs and work to create the best outcome for them. Without this crucial step we would not create a sustainable business.
Registered with Property Ombudsman and ICO.
Multiple service offerings, not a one size fits all approach when dealing with sellers and investors.
Aim for best outcome for our clients.

Large number of UK and foreign investors to snap up deals.

Agents Specification
Experience dealing with:
Landlords – affected by Section 24 or retiring who want to offload portfolios.

Home sellers – need to be motivated to sell rather than just testing the marke


We source properties for ourselves and for a number of investors we work with.
We’re looking for links to properties for sales in the Midlands (Birmingham, Stoke on Trent, Peterborough etc.) which:
• Houses need work
• Owners looking for a quick sale
• Landlords being affected by Section 24
• BTL owners tired of dealing with tenants
• Owners in negative equity

About Us
Experienced in numerous strategies to provide excellent options to landlords and home sellers. Large network number of investors looking for UK properties skilled in.

Feel free to contact Mike Schuil on

Tel: 078 8889 5456 or
E-Mail: mike.@birchcapital.co.uk