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BeNosey / Videoleaflets

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Local business owners are struggling with advertising online! We show them how!

1000’s of business owners in your area need your help!

Everyone’s staring at their mobile phones, not the local paper! They print & deliver leaflets that go straight in the dustbin!

Give every single one of your new costumers a £1000 worth of free digital advertising to open the door and build a relationship!

The only advert thew will ever need

Share to 1000’s of costumers in seconds

Shares to all the top social networks including WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Costs less than £5 per week – billed annually


We record the customers’ script in the studio with one of fours actors, we animate the customer logo and bring it all to life in what we call a Video Leaflet. All from less than £5 per week, it’s an amazing package. The costumers his their own Video commercial for a whole year for just £249! THE VIDEO ERA


There are 4 packages, £249 – 25 words, £299 – 50 words, £399 – 75 words, £499 – 100+ words, Commission is a flat rate of £100 – £150 per sale. If you call on 20 local businesses in one day, how many do you think you could convert or warm up over the next few days? THE NEW WAY OF ADVERTISING

There’s no messy paperwork, we can take over the sale if the costumers call us direct and you still get the commission.


More and more businesses are realising the value in video advertising, and social networks love video!