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Benfield Timber Buildings/Simply Self Build

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SolidLox is a division of Benfield Timber Buildings, a family company formed in 2000. SolidLox specialises in designing and manufacturing high quality Timber Garages, Car Ports and Garden rooms/offices. We intend to be the first carbon-negative timber building supplier in the UK.

Target Market
1. Domestic: ABC1. Rural and semi-rural areas or those with gardens and
2. Commercial: Small-Medium builder developers.
3. Architects and Specifiers

Ideal Agent
• Professional agent familiar with the construction sector and with a network of relevant contacts.

Target Areas
England and Wales, except North East.

Agents Package
• 10% of nett sales value – (Average value £10k)
• Opportunity for repeat sales with trade clients.
• Company generated leads passed to agents.
• Marketing and Technical support.
• 2 x half day training sessions over Zoom.
• HubSpot CRM and phone-based approach to contact and sales management.
• Product samples

John Plaster
07970 314 701