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BDM Group

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BDM Voice and Talk are privately owned companies trading out of Burgess Hill in Sussex with National coverage. We work with a complete spectrum of businesses from international to startups
and every gradient in between. Customer relationship development is the focus of all our work.


Target Area
Nationwide territories

Products and Services
• Hosted Telephone System
• On-premises Telephone Systems
• Direct Internet Access
• Business Broadband
• SIP trunks and VoIP
• Call Recording
• Call Management
• On hold marketing

Target Market
Any business

Target market size
• Typically, with 10 employees or more
• Large Business

Agents Package
• Strong commission on GP
• Technical Training – at the BDM office in Sussex
• Marketing collateral
• The back up of in-house sales
• Autonomous or assisted sales

agents@bdm-group.co.uk or call Mike Surridge on 0330 159 2499



Target Areas
Nationwide territories

Our Services
BDM Talk offers flexible and scalable contact centre outsourcing.

Key advantages of BDM Talk
We have demonstrated following advantages:
• Significant savings on in-house resource
• Practicability and reliability of delivering the service
• Significant reduction in our client’s management time
• Increased productivity, in many cases multiples of inhouse resources.

Target Market
Any business that needs:
• Structured contact with their Clients/Customers
• To acquire more customers
• To deal with inbound enquiries
• Outbound telemarketing activity
• Help with their own contact centre overflow
• A sales desk
• Data cleansing activity
• To monitor and respond to live chat

Agents Package
• Significant commission levels up to 35% on GP depending on the autonomy of sale
• Service Training – at BDM contact centre in Sussex
• Marketing collateral
• Field sales and after-sales support

agents@bdm-group.co.uk or call Mike Surridge on 0330 159 2499