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About Us
BBX UK is part of a global B2B trading platform established over 26 years and the leader in our field. With over 200 offices we can offer a range of opportunities for sales entrepreneurs who love our award-winning B2B cashless platform.

Our Service
BBX is a digital exchange that brings businesses together on a local / regional or international basis. All businesses on the platform use each other as preferred suppliers giving them collectively an edge over their competitors, guaranteed growth and improved products / cash flow

Target Market
We are looking to reach the Owners / Directors of independently owned business operators with a turnover of up-to £10mil. who have the ability to take on more customers and want to gain more growth, enhance pro􀃶ts or improve cash 􀃸ow.
In particular
Hospitality | General Business Services | Marketing & Media |
Retailers | Wholesalers | Consumer Services | Sports venues.
Our platform is unique and our clients become long term

All of the UK and Ireland (Republic and Northern

Agents Package
We have a flexible attitude towards the relationship we can have with agents
therefore this could include:
• Introducers who gain 10% of the up-front sale revenue plus up to 20% of ongoing trading revenue
• Sales Agents who gain 50% of the up-front sale revenue plus up to 20% of ongoing trading revenue and regular bonuses and competitions
• Franchisees who build an area and gain up to 72% of all revenue streams
• We have full training modules for all positions
• We have a sustained marketing program and do regular exhibitions throughout the UK


For an initial discussion contact:
Matthew Harding
0333 400 2014 or 0770 200 2220