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3 Zero 2 Race Limited

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All of the UK and Ireland


Every Toolbox Needs one!

15% Commission Realistic OTE of £20k +

About Our Product

  • Band new to the market.
  • unique product nothing else out there like it.
  • Patent Protected.
  • British design and Manufactured.

Target Market

Mechanica, MOT stations, tyre centres, Exhaust centres, Car dealers, Engineers, Construction industry, Electrical Wholesalers, Motorcycle dealers, Tool Trucks etc.

Opportunities to supply custom versions direct to companies e.g Dunlop. Halfords, Mac Tools, JCB, Teng Tools, Shell, SealyTools, Motorsport Teams, etc.

Contact Nigel Bosworth

Phone:   07785371992

email:   cableti-dy@hotmail.com