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27M trade financial markets and target long term returns between 15%-20%. They have created a service where clients can see trades that are made in their own brokerage account and enjoy the same success as institutional clients but with a very small amount of trading capital.

With as little as £5k-£10k clients can open a spread bet account with IG and link their account to the 27M information service and replicate the trades 27M do live and automatically.

Anyone with a minimum £5k-£10k who wants to invest in the financial markets but without the means or time to trade like the large institutional investors.

Agents Package
Subscription is £450 a year.
Agents will have a discount code to make it £300 a year for their clients. The Agent will receive £125 per client who signs up, pays and passes the one month refund period.
The service is an annual subscription. The client receives a weekly market update, and an email that details the trades based on their chosen account size. Further the client can link directly between 27M and the IG brokerage whereby the trades will be placed automatically
based on the account size.


John Plaster
Phone: 07970 314 701
Email: John.plaster@agentbase.com