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Factsheet 1 – Working with Sales Agents – The Bare Essentials

Definition of an Agent According to Terry James* A sales agent is a freelance, self employed sales person who works, usually alone, for perhaps several, non competing, companies and obtains orders for those companies and is paid a commission on […]

Factsheet 2 – Where do Sales Agents Come From?

It is essential to have a good understanding of the unique UK sales agent culture. Let’s start by looking at where agents come from… The Path To Becoming An Agent Not many people set out in their professional careers with […]

Factsheet 3 – Sales Agent Types : Selling Agents vs. Introducer Agents

There are two main sales agent types: Sales Agent Type 1: Selling agents Sales agents who actually deliver an order to you for fulfillment. This level of closure demands a higher (normal) level of commission. Sales Agent Type 2: Introducer […]

Factsheet 4 – Number Of Agents Required & Territory Setting

Typically about 10-12 agents are needed to cover the UK. This will of course vary. Agents tend to work on counties, although the most reliable method for the principal is postcodes. County borders are easy to see, but keep moving. […]

Factsheet 5 – Agent Profiles & Entrepreneurialism

Typical Sales Agent Profiles Agents are typically male, aged 40-70. The median age is around 55. A few agents are in their 30’s and hardly any in their 20’s. However many are well into their 60’s and 70’s. Some are […]

Factsheet 6 – Agent Capacity & Portfolio

Agent Capacity and Performance: Managing Your Expectations Agents cannot devote 100% of their time – or brain power – as they have several other principals, and the impact this has on performance both in terms of volume of orders, but […]

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