Total Sales Agent Recruitment Solutions

AgentBase can provide full sales agent recruitment solutions where required.

We have the unique combination of skills, experience and resources that enable us to fit around most requirements.*

These solutions are not prescribed; they are ‘made to measure’ according to an individual client’s requirements.

Having said that, a comprehensive and professional sales agent recruitment solution would typically contain most or all of the below service elements.


Available Service Elements
  • Advice on sales agent strategy
  • Formulation of optimum sales agent recruitment and management strategy
  • Preparation of procedures, materials and documentation
  • Training / briefing of internal management and support staff
  • Promotion of the agency opportunity to sales agents (& therefore response generation)
  • Response handling
  • Screening, qualification and shortlisting of applicants
  • Interviewing shortlisted candidates
  • Reporting and recommendations to company management on which candidates to work with
  • Making offers to agents
  • Appointment of sales agents
  • Defining territories and scope of operation for agents
  • Legal documentation (commercial agency agreement)
  • Training of sales agents
  • Management of sales agents

Recruiting a network of sales agents can be a highly cost-effective and productive sales strategy. Some of the UK’s biggest companies and brands have been built using the dynamic and progressive abilities of sales agents. Recruitment costs are low, and once a sales agent is established everything works on a pure ‘results-only’, commission-only basis. No sales = no costs. You are simply sharing a portion of the additional profits that sales agents bring you.


Of course, realising the best possible outcome can be a bit trickier than it might at first appear. That’s where AgentBase comes in. We have unparalleled experience and contacts with sales agents: we have been in the leading UK sales agent register for over 20 years; we have the largest member base of sales agents in the UK; we have direct experience of recruiting and managing sales agents ourselves (in this and previous lives!); and we have worked with innumerable clients over the years to help them to succeed with sales agents.


We can bring all of these unique resources and experiences together to provide the expertise to assist you at any, or all, stages of this journey, and to reach that remarkable destination.


If you are looking for something special, something that you can't see above or a package tailored to your specific requirements, take a look at our Tailored Packages.


Contact us and let us know what you are looking for. If it can be done, we will do it for you*.


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