Special Project Case Studies

1. Pakistan Based Fabric Manufacturer

Client Requirements
  1. This client wanted UK sales agents that had specific specialised contacts that weren’t explicitly catered for under our standard Market Categories. (We have 68 markets that we use to categorise our members’ customer profiles. Some are rather general. You can see them here. They don’t always tell the whole story of where our agents can reach into.)
  2. He wanted a small number of high quality introductions.
  3. He wanted them screened and interviewed.
  4. He also wanted us to guarantee that some of the agents put forward would accept an offer of an agency if he were to maker them offers.

We were confident that we had agents with the required contacts: not many for sure, but enough for this client’s requirements. No problem!

The service we provided was a twist on our existing Agent Introduction Service (AIS). Here is the proposal that was accepted and delivered:


Our Solution

AgentBase will guarantee to provide a set number of qualified introductions to sales agents, and that a set number of them would accept the agency if offered it.

Qualified Introductions to Sales Agents
All applicants will be screened for basic suitability when they first apply.

Those suitable will be interviewed personally by phone by a highly experienced agent recruiter (Managed Recruitment Service Manager).

Qualification Questions
The phone interview will ask the following qualification questions:

  • that the agent is active in the agreed market sectors
  • that the agent is operating within the agreed geographical area
  • that the agent fully understands the agency opportunity
  • that the agent has sufficient time to take on an additional agency (minimum 20%)
  • that the agent is committed to dealing with you in a timely and professional manner

Additional questions:

  • experience with this product/service type?
  • length of time established as agent?
  • number of customers?
  • estimate of how many customer accounts openable for this product?
  • over what period of time?
  • sales methods? (personal visit, phone, direct mail, other)
  • call cycle? (how often customers visited)
  • time available to devote to this agency
  • does agent work alone or in a team?
  • does agent have any sub-agents or other sales staff?
  • does agent have a vehicle?
  • when would agent be able to start selling?

The client has the opportunity to add up to 3 questions if required. (He didn’t!)

If the agent does not answer all our standard qualification questions satisfactorily he will be rejected.

We cannot guarantee that any of the additional or client questions will be answered, or will be answered to any set requirements.

Those that survive this scrutiny will be passed through to the client as a qualified introduction.

The client will receive a full interview and contact report.

The client will be introduced to each agent.

The agent will be introduced to the client.

Guaranteed Acceptances
We guaranteed that the agents would be active in the stated markets and shall be able to develop and promote products on the terms required.

Our service guarantee is that of the provided candidates, if you were to offer them the opportunity, a minimum number of the candidates would accept your offer.

This is subject to you dealing with them in a diligent and professional manner. (Full details on request).

There was a mechanism for refunds in the event of shortfalls.

Our Clients are saying...

"We have been delighted with the efficiency, economy and quality of response obtained by using AgentBase. We are already considering using them again..."



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