Agent Management Services

Management & Mentoring Service Workshop


The ideal starting point is our half-day on-site workshop. Here, we visit your offices, and deliver 2 key
preventative services: we rally all the key people behind the program, and get them understanding the
main benefits and challenges; and we work on the essential internal administration elements and
reporting processes that underpin a successful agent management system.



  • Key staff training workshop:
    • starts with presentation to all key staff, and all those that will interact with the sales agents on how to deal with sales agents,
    • plus time discussing report main recommendations with management,
    • plus time with each key person / dept on issues specific to them,
    • We will be showing you examples of 'best practice' sales agent management, a 'gold standard' to which you should aspire and adhere.
  • Management & Admin Pack
    • Pack of forms, reports, process flowcharts and timetables:
    • all the paperwork that you are likely to need to generate, (eg: agent commission statements, management report templates, information flow charts, critical events timetable)
  • Follow-up Report



£495.00 plus travelling expenses at 40p/mile

Half day package

Fees payable in advance

Can either be billed separately or taken from an available MRS balance, to suit the client.

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