Legal Pack for Principals
Sales Agent Agreement and Sales Agent Contract Templates

Can you afford to not have a sales agent contract? Or to have an out-of-date or improperly drafted sales agent agreement?

FACT: Without a properly drafted sales agent contract you may be exposed to the full impact of the EC Commercial Agents' Regulations - potentially to your detriment.


Our Legal Pack has been designed specifically to satisfy the legal requirements of UK businesses when dealing with UK sales agents for the sale of goods.

  • Limit Your Liability
  • Protect Your Business
  • Know The Law
  • Take Control

Sales agents who sell goods on a commission-only basis have a set of rights that are provided by the EC Commercial Agents Regulations (C.A.R.). Why? Sales agents lack normal 'employment' rights, as they are not directly employed (they are self-employed). Therefore the C.A.R. provides agents with security and stability in their profession. Agents need to feel secure in their relationships with principals, otherwise they may not give their best. So this legislation┬ábenefits both agents and principals alike. However the default position is that if a sales agent agreement is not put in place, that the C.A.R. in its raw form will apply. In the event of termination or breach of contract by the principal, sales agents who sell goods on a commission-only basis will have a claim for 'damages'. These damages can take the form of either 'compensation' or an 'indemnity', depending on the terms of the sales agent contract in place (or lack of such).

Claims can be greatest where the agency agreement in place is inadequate, out of date, overly aggressive, or - worst of all - not present at all. And sales agents may benefit from free or subsidised legal insurance where, in the event of a dispute with a principal, experienced specialist lawyers will take on their case and use the full extent of the law against that principal.

Principals can minimise their liabilities (whilst remaining reasonable and maintaining goodwill) by putting in place an agency agreement with certain terms.
However this can be a very costly exercise.

Now by using AgentBase's specially designed and exclusive Legal Packs, you can get the benefits of using expert lawyers, but at a fraction of the cost of going direct. Our packs utilise specialist agency law solicitors' expertise to enable you to understand key legal issues, and to prepare your own bespoke agreement (in direct consultation with them if required at no extra cost) using our sales agent agreement template. This will minimise your exposure to such actions. We and our lawyers believe this represents exceptional value for money for you.

All Legal Packs are designed to be a 'solution in a box'. You can use the resources in the pack to understand the CAR and to understand the choices to be made in the template, so you should not have to spend any more money on legal preparations (unless you wish to make substantial changes or require substantial additional input from the lawyers), and you can use the sales agent contract template as many times as you like. It gives you complete peace of mind. Please note this will normally involve you spending time to understand and tailor the template to your requirements.

We have 3 legal packs:

1. For UK and EC principals dealing with UK sales agents who will be selling goods
2. For UK and EC principals dealing with UK sales agents who will be selling services
3. For UK principals dealing with EC sales agents (i.e. not agents in the UK)


Pack Contents

A Model Agency Agreement

This represents YOUR best interests. It is up-to-date and ready to go - just top and tail it with your details and those of the agent. Or you can tailor it to YOUR specific requirements using the Guidance Notes (see next point).


Guidance Notes

Written in plain English, to explain the meaning and effect of key clauses in the sales agent agreement, to guide you in fine tuning your agreement with agents.

UK Agency Law Detailed Briefing
This summarises the key legal and commercial considerations when appointing a sales or
marketing agent, including the application of the Commercial Agents Regulations 1993 as
amended (in particular in relation to indemnity or compensation upon termination) and UK
and EU competition law.

UK Agency Law Q&A

Written in plain English, in an easily digestible Question and Answer (Q&A) format (these are often also known as FAQ's). This is invaluable.


Full and Summary Details of EC Regulations
The Commercial Agents (European Council Directive) Regulations 1993 - the original governing law on all agency relationships throughout the EC.


A Direct Introduction to the lawyer
The Lawyer with whom we developed the pack can assist you to put in place your tailor-made agency agreement by, for instance:- checking the legality of any minor amendments that you have made, answering any specific questions that you may have, and filling in any gaps in your understanding of the law. (Limited to 15 minutes)



(Prices are subject to VAT and payable in advance)

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