How Does It Work?

Thanks for checking out this section. We will try to put it all into a nutshell for you. It’s going to really help you, especially if you are new to the idea of working with sales agents.


Let’s start with the basics:



What is a Sales Agent?


Sales agents are self-employed, commission-only sales professionals. They are independent businesses.

They are not looking for jobs. They are looking for ‘agencies’. You do not ‘recruit’ a sales agent like you do an employee. Rather, you are forging a kind of ‘partnership’ with another business.

Sales agents are not the ones that couldn’t get a ‘proper’ job so turned in desperation to sales agency work! In fact it is the other way round. These are the ones that are good enough to live by their performance.

They carry a ‘portfolio’ of goods and/or services – typically from around 3 to 6 companies - that are complimentary, and non-competing.

They cover a region of the UK usually made up of a few counties or postcode areas.
They sell to a certain type of customer (or market) such as gift shops, or hospitals, or factories, or local authorities, or hotels, or householders, etc. The list is practically endless.



What is AgentBase?


AgentBase is a rare beast. You may not have encountered our species before. So it’s worth taking a little while to understand the way we work - it could save a lot of confusion!
We are a ‘Sales Agent Register’. Sales agent registers are highly niche, specialist businesses - but have been around for over 100 years in the UK. We have been going for over 20 years.

Sales agents register with us. It’s completely free for them. All sales agents are, at various times, in the market for a new agency – new products and/or services to add to their ‘agency portfolio’. Why? Well firstly all agencies and products have a life cycle, some longer than others, but in most cases an agency will run its course and end at some point and will need to be replaced. Or maybe the next big thing is about to launch, and agents will want to get in on the ground floor.

AgentBase has a membership of around 10,000 sales agents. AgentBase is the largest sales agent register in the UK, and by far the main source of new agency opportunities for UK sales agents.

AgentBase does not work in the same way as a traditional recruitment agency. We are more of an introduction service. We help companies (principals) and sales agents to forge partnerships. We provide agents with ‘agency opportunities’. And we provide companies (ie. you) with a range of services to help them to meet and work with sales agents.


We do NOT provide a service like a recruitment agency where you pay if and when you have taken on a sales agent. This is because the nature of the PRINCIPAL-AGENT relationship is substantially different to that of the EMPLOYER-EMPLOYEE relationship (plus there is no salary to base our fee on).


How do we work?


As we said, we don’t work like a recruitment agency. What we do is provide a range of services to help you through the key stages of working with sales agents:

Key stages:

  • Planning
  • Promoting
  • Response Handling & Interviewing
  • Contracting
  • Management

You may require help at just one of those stages. For example, many of our clients just want to get on with finding some sales agents. For this you just need to Promote your agency opportunity through us. Others may just need an agency agreement. For this, we provide help with Contracting. And so on. We can help at any, or all, stages…


  • Do you understand sales agents? What they are looking for? How they work? How to ‘recruit’ and manage them? The legalities? How to structure and present your agency opportunity in the best way?
  • If there are any gaps in your understanding, we can advise you. We run a monthly seminar, and can also provide a private consultation service, to steer you away from the obstacles and traps, and towards success.

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  • We publish a magazine and website area (a bit like a job board) for our members that you can advertise in. 
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  • Or we can send details of your agency opportunity directly by email to selected agents.
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  • Or we can provide direct introductions to agents on a pay-per-introduction basis.
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Response Handling & Interviewing

  • We provide a Managed Recruitment Service whereby we handle the initial responses from interested agents.
  • We process their enquiry through to interview if appropriate.
  • In the interview we present your agency opportunity in full detail to them, find out all about them and their agency business.
  • Then we report to you with our findings and recommendations.
  • You then decide who you want to work with.
  • We charge an hourly fee for this.

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  • There is a specific law that governs the relationship between you (the principal) and your sales agents. It is called the EC Commercial Agents Regulations.
  • Our Legal Pack provides a specialist agency agreement that represents your best interests, and also lots of background information about the Regulations.

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  • Finally, your new team of sales agents needs to be managed.
  • Agents need to be managed as individuals: there is no simple ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.
  • We can assist if required.

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What Next?


Now you understand a bit about sales agents, and about how we work, the rest should be easy.

Please wander around the website – you can access all areas.

Or call us on +44 (0)1926 864 200 and our experienced staff will quickly make sense of it all for you, and guide you in the right direction.

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"It is rare to work with a company that has the resource and initiative to provide us with solutions so quickly. We received 32 responses from our promotion with AgentBase. The professionalism and highly qualified support from this company has been invaluable to us..."



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