Managed Recruitment Service (MRS)


AgentBase can expertly INTERVIEW your prospective sales agents - on a simple pay-as-you-go basis.

At AgentBase, we have been working with sales agents since 1993. We have recruited and managed teams of sales agents on dozens of occasions. Let us bring our extensive experience to bear to help you through the initial stages of agent recruitment.

All our interviewers are highly experienced SALES AGENTS themselves. This gives them a unique ability to build rapport, break down barriers, and get an incisive insight into the calibre, motivation and circumstances of all your candidates. They will advise you on which are the very best candidates to take on.

Provided on an 'as-and-when-needed' basis, you only pay for what you need, and you avoid distracting yourself or senior management from other important tasks. Additionally, you inject a formal professionalism to the agent recruitment process, where psychology is so important.

The task of agent recruitment requires highly uneven time input and specific expertise. When your campaign generates interest from sales agents, the last thing you want is to be slow or uncertain in your response to them. Success at this early stage is reliant on preparation, professionalism, experience and focus.



Our Service


  • Initial consultation on strategy (Optional - if required)
  • Handle advertising response
  • Send out literature explaining agency opportunity in detail
  • Profile all applicants, screen and shortlist for initial interview
  • Conduct initial interviews (includes presentation to agents on your company, products / services, and the agency package on offer)
  • Report to company management on all contacts made, and make recommendations
  • Provide ongoing advice, guidance and assistance with all aspects of agent strategy, as required



The Initial Consultation (Optional)


If necessary, we can carry out an analysis of your situation and make initial recommendations prior to commencement of recruitment activity. The last thing you (and we) want is to start off in the wrong direction. This is a process that will analyse all relevant aspects of your proposed agent package, policies and general approach. Then we identify any problem areas that you are likely to face, and propose strategies to fix, overcome, or work around them where possible. We will also identify and build on your areas of strength. All findings and recommendations can be compiled into a written report.



Timeframes & Budgets


This will depend entirely on objectives and budgets. Our aim is to help set realistic short- to medium-term targets and deliver results within agreed timeframes.


Footnote: AgentBase designs all its services around its clients' requirements and their distinctive strengths. Our aim is to deliver outstanding quality and value for money. This is the ethos that has seen us through since 1993, and will see us much further into the future. Our long term outlook and commitment to quality (ISO9001 accredited) gives you the peace of mind that you need. However, we have to make it clear that there are never any guarantees, other than that we do undertake to do our very best for you. The main variables are always within your control. Ultimately, you are asking agents to make an investment in your business opportunity.



Management Time: £60 per hour

Initial Consultation: £POA


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