Advice on Agent Strategy

Is the agent route the right route to market for YOU?
Where could you go wrong?
Where are you going wrong?
What is the success formula?

We have several consultation options giving various depths of input at different price points:


Full Consultation

This is a comprehensive, full day, face-to-face, strategic and tactical consultation and workshop.


The Full Consultation is a bespoke, one-to-one consultation (although you can bring several delegates if required).

Full Consultation
Remote Consultation

This is an 'express' version of the Full Consultation. It is carried out remotely, by email and phone. It is for clients who are distant or who don't have time for a full face-to-face consultation or to attend the seminar.

Remote Consultation
Seminar Presentation

This is a low cost, intensive full-day briefing on the essentials of sales agent strategy, recruitment& management. It covers all the main topics including legal aspects. Full satisfaction guarantee.

Includes £150 advertising credit.

Seminar Presentation


The Consultations will answer all your questions and fill all your information gaps. All our Consulting Services draw from our extensive experience in dealing with agents FROM YOUR SIDE OF THE DESK. We have been through exactly what you are going through dozens of times. We have tried and erred, and we have SUCCEEDED. Benefit from our experiences.


The Full & Remote Consultations will identify your strengths and weaknesses, and propose strategies to fix any parts of your agency package that require improvement. Or if we believe that the 'agent route' is not the right one for your proposed initiative, we will tell you so. This could save you much time and money.


The Seminar Presentation will give you the essentials of successful sales agent strategy, recruitment, and management.


All services will help to answer the fundamental question: 'is this the right route to market for us?'.


AgentBase has extensive, if not unparalleled experience in setting up agent sales forces. Having set up dozens of agent sales forces since 1993, and with the UK's largest resource of agents at our fingertips, we are uniquely placed to help you to succeed.

Our Clients are saying...

"AgentBase were hard working and professional. They did exactly what they said they would do, when they said they would do it. Recruiting agents is a very difficult and specialised process..."



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