Agent Strategy - Remote Consultation


This consultation is designed either to follow on from the Strategy Seminar, or to stand alone as an 'express' version of the Full Consultation.


Why opt for a Remote Consultation?

  • You may not have time or budget for a Full Consultation
  • It may not be practical or convenient for us to physically get together for a Full Consultation
  • You may have attended our Strategy Seminar and require some further, bespoke guidance


As the name suggests, the Remote Consultation is carried out remotely, by email and phone. There is no need for us to meet, which means less time input on both sides, thereby saving you time and money. The outcome is similar to a Full Consultation, but the process differs in a few ways:


Stage 1 - Information Gathering

We need to understand fully the nature and objectives of your proposed initiative. What are your proposed policies and stances in relation to key issues? A detailed and structured questionnaire is used to probe and analyse all pertinent information.

With the Remote Consultation this is done remotely (instead of face to face). We email the questionnaire to you. You complete it and email it back to us for analysis.

Stage 2 - The Backdrop
We explain in detail the general nature of sales agents: their psychology, behaviour, operating environment, motivation, strengths and limitations. We also discuss the optimum agency 'package' . This addresses issues such as advertising, sales support literature, recruitment, remuneration (commission rates, bonuses, etc), management, motivation, agency agreements, etc.

In the Remote Consultation this stage is covered in the report (see Stage 4 below) rather than in a personal presentation.

Stage 3 - Analysis & Strategies
We identify your problem areas or weakness and develop strategies to fix, overcome, or work around them wherever possible. We also identify your areas of strength! This is then included in the report.

This is exactly the same as it is in the Full Consultation.

Stage 4 - Report
We present a written report containing a situation analysis, our considered opinions and recommendations, and a detailed workable action plan. It also includes a wealth of general tips, advice and references based on many years of real-life hands-on practical experience.

This is exactly the same as it is in the Full Consultation.


There are usually various phone discussions and emails to clarify any issues and to go through the report findings and recommendations.



The whole process typically takes 1 to 2 weeks, usually depending on how quickly and thoroughly the questionnaire is completed.





(Prices are subject to VAT. Payable in advance)

Our Clients are saying...

"We consulted AgentBase to obtain independent marketing advice prior to the launch of a new venture. We were very impressed by the depth of analysis carried out and successfully acted upon the advice given..."



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