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Architects / Surveyors / Interior Designers   Jewellers
Bakers / Butchers   Kitchen Specialists
Booksellers   Leather / Travel Goods
Builders / Decorators Merchants / Building Contractors   Legal: Solicitors And Barristers
Camping / Outdoor Leisure / Fishing / Equine   Leisure Centres / Gyms / Health Clubs
Cash & Carry / Wholesale / Distributors   Local Government Authorities
Chemists / Pharmacy / Drug   Mail Order
Clothing / Fashion / Textile   Marine Chandlers
Computer Suppliers   Motor Accessories
Cook Shops   Music / TV / Publishing / Media
Corporates / Offices   New Age Retail
CTN (Confectioners, Tobacconists, Newsagents)   Nursing / Residential Homes
Dentists / Doctors / Vets   Off Licences And Wine Merchants
Direct Selling (Householders)   Pet Retail / Pet Wholesale
Discount / Pound Shops   Photographic / Camera
DIY / Hardware / Ironmongery   Post Offices
Drapers / Haberdashers   Printing & Graphics
Electrical Goods / Lighting / Electronics / Telecom   Private Training / Educational
Engineers / Consulting Engineers   Pubs / Clubs
Estate Agents   Restaurants / Caterers / Hotels / Cafes / Snack Bars
Fabrics / Linens / Soft Furnishings   Schools / Colleges / Universities / Education Authorities
Factories / Engineering / Manufacturing / Industrial   Security
Footwear   Sports Goods / Sportswear
Furniture / Upholstery   Stationers
Garages / Motor Repairs / Car Sales   Supermarkets / Multiples
Garden Centres / Florists / Horticulture   Timber Industry
Gift / China / Glass / Cards / Department Stores   Toys, Novelties, Hobbies
Golf Clubs   Visitor Centres / Tourist Attractions
Grocers / Convenience Stores / Petrol Stations / Delicatessens   Logistics
H.M. Forces   Arts / Crafts / Galleries
Hairdressers / Beauty & Tanning Salons   Financial Services
Health Food Stores   Opticians
Hospitals   Childcare / Nurseries / Playschools
Housewares / Homestores   Internet / Web
I would like to work in these markets (if different):

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Please note that regions are based on postcode areas and not counties.

The map shows the counties of the UK with the postcode regions overlaid in yellow.

There is a degree of overlap in some regions.


Northern Ireland
Republic of Ireland

North East

North West
(inc. N. Wales)
South West
(inc. S. Wales)
South East
(inc. London)
South Midlands
East Midlands
West Midlands
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All UK


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Geographical areas I could also cover:

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Service Commitment & Privacy Statement
Please be reminded that this is a free service for you. The principal pays a fee to be introduced to you where he has identified you as relevant to his requirements. We will not give out your personal contact details unless our client has paid our fee. This is how we make this service viable. Therefore please be aware that the information you give here will be passed to principals in its entirety. The information you post should be accurate and truthful and should offer a good representation of what you have to offer as a sales agent.

We have had instances where agents have cited reasons for not being interested in an opportunity that contradict the information originally provided to us. In such cases, the principal naturally seeks financial redress from us, and this is not a position we wish to be placed in.

Should you not wish to take up an offer from a principal that we have introduced, please do not contradict the information you supply in this form.

Should you find yourself in a position where you are not interested in a principal that we have introduced, but do not wish to discuss the real reasons with the principal, then please contact us and we will handle the situation for you. There is no charge for this.

We will market your availability and requirements for up to four months. If your availability or requirements change within that period, please let us know. If your availability or requirements extend beyond that period, please let us know, or re-apply. We will cease to market your profile immediately at any time if so requested. You may apply as many times as you wish at any one time, for instance if you are looking for several different products or services.

Additionally, if you should wish to be removed from our Agency Search list for any reason please advise us by email (e.g. you are no longer a sales agent, you have enough agencies for the time being, you wish to re-register in a different market, etc). Please send email to:

If you are unable to agree to these conditions, please do not proceed with your involvement in this programme. Your details are accepted and promoted by us in the understanding that you have read these conditions and agree to adhere to them.

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